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The easiest and most proficient trimming method available.
Presented by Cheryl Henderson

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proficient trimming method available!

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The ABC HoofPrint Trim is a method that establishes a natural one-third/two-thirds balance to the equine hoof. It is simple to follow, reliable in theory, and evidenced by improved soundness. There are two primary locations at the bottom of the hoof used in mapping prior to trimming. The protocol is validated utilizing this sacred geometry before bringing a knife or rasp to the hoof. The ABC HoofPrint Trim will establish a natural balance heel-to-toe, even for the beginning trimmer.

Understanding how the internal structures work provides the trimmer a strong rationale for removing excess capsule wall and excess bar to create healthy balance and prevent interference to hoof function. A simple gauge, called the HoofPrint Ring, has revolutionized the way we can trim by insuring a good balance heel-to-toe. Knowing how to use this simple method of mapping provides an outline on the hoof that predicts balance before trimming.

The sole area has two constants that are recognizable and cannot be distorted by a hoof that is excessively long, flared, underrun, or foundered. Knowing what, where, and why we should trim allows us to map a plan  that will improve form with out doing harm.

These two constants are the baseline and fulcrum: the baseline showing where the heel purchase should end and the fulcrum dividing the bottom of the hoof in half.

The fulcrum is the point at the quarters where the front shape of the hoof going outward changes directions to the back of the hoof going inward. The length of the fulcrum establishes the distance from the baseline to the toe.

Part of the geometry within the hoof is that the length of the fulcrum (side-to-side) equals the length between the baseline and toe at the top of the hoof. These two equal lengths bisect each other in their middle, creating the vertical and horizontal diameters of a circle. That is how the concept of using an adjustable ring gauge came about.

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