ABC HoofPrint Trim

The easiest and most proficient trimming method available.
Presented by Cheryl Henderson

Websites That Help Teach Hoof Care

Fran Jurga's Blog- this site is one of the best readings for international hoofcare educations, findings, whats new with farriery and more

Barb Taylor- dedicated to barefoot site  this is a useful resource of professional trimmers and barefoot information

Sharyl Fischer, rehab specialist

Gene Ovnicek, good info consider buying his trimming video and RFDTV series

Enhoof   Information on barefoot and trimmer in the Portland, Oregon area

Gretchen Fathauer, laminitis and founder resource

Animal Health Foundation    laminitis reseacher and information on discoveries being made

Chrisann Ware- problem hooves

Paige Poss- dedicated to barefoot site

Marjorie Smith- dedicated to barefoot site

Cindy Sullivan- dedicated to barefoot site

Equethy, Austrailian barefoot trimmer Organization, dedicated to barefoot, good information

Dr. Thomas Teskey- consultant veterinarian for Easycare about advantages of barefoot

Barefoot for Soundness- informational site on healthy hooves

Hoof Authority- information on barefoot

Swedish Hoof School  


Clinicians and product sales

KC La Pierre,  Educational trimming and dissection series

Jaimie Jackson,  trimming books

Yvonne Welz, must have subscription on barefoot

Phil Morarre, abrasive trimming specialist

Atheletic Barefoot sites

Darolyn Butler of endurance fame has a great site and an early barefoot promoter

Karen Chaton, of barefoot endurance fame

Diet and Nutrition

For Love of the Horse, sells quality herbs for EMS, EPM, wounds

Katy Watts, leading researcher on grass studies for horses

Hoof Boot Manufacturer

Easycare, leading hoof boot manufacture and has informative articles

Information on barefoot

The Horses Hoof  Yvonne and Jim Welz publish the best information on barefoot in the world ..must have subscription

For the professional

Horse Science    Allie Hayes is known around the world for her quality examples of equine freeze dried cadavers and anatomy studies

Understanding White Lightning for fungus and bacteria


Subscription:The Horses Hoof

Buy Cadavers:Horse Science

Understanding Laminitis DVD