ABC HoofPrint Trim

The easiest and most proficient trimming method available.
Presented by Cheryl Henderson




Hank is  a warmblood that is built more draft-like.

Hank foundered in January and had a tenotomy (cutting the tendon) to both fores.

He was  put into special shoes that were to support his leg and boney column in the position this vet felt was correct.

Unfortunately for Hank the tenotomy harmed his success to survive the capsule damage and actually made his capsules more damaged.  Besides the expense, isolation and more that was forced on him for several months.

His capsule rotation more to do with his  poor trimming.  His heel quarter capsule tubules were bent forward.  And only got worse as each new set of these custom shoes were applied.

His   large weight and the two front detached capsules caused pressure to the coronary band. This damaged the sensitive tissues which became infected. The veterinarians did several resections on both front capsules.  They were removing the wall thinking it was the cause of the infection in the coronary band.  This really complicated the healing, added pain and caused the capsule wall to begin to grow inward.

The sole when I removed the shoe looked like cottage cheese.


 I  removed the upper dorsal (front) wall with a grinder I  found the true  dorsal wall that is attached to the sensitive tissues to the inside of the hoof  had been forced like ingrown toenails into the front of the hoof referred to as the pillar area.   You can see this in the collage.

I had to dig out the pigmented and unpigmented capsule horn from the two regions which   the lateral cartilage was behind. I followed the capsule horn until I began to see what might be live tissue.


The pictures on the left show how I removed all the detached bulk and laminar wedge and began some hoof shaping the first two weeks