ABC HoofPrint Trim

The easiest and most proficient trimming method available.
Presented by Cheryl Henderson





Rosie a lovely quarter horse who at 1 1/2 was sore footed so began her uncomfortable future as a broodmare.

For the next 12 years she wore egg bar shoes and pads on the front hooves. Isolated from the herd life, she produced many foals.

I was asked by her new owner to help get her feet comfortable.

What I found were soles of hard resinous bar material and very little if any sole depth.  Bar had grown over the coffin bone and crushed any developing sole tubules that might have developed.

Her soles in the front had dark purple bruising as the layers of bar were carefully trimmed.

She never abscessed in this process as she had been doing for years.

Hoof pain had depleted her reserve and once she was comfortable you can see how her natural color came out.





Trimming to repair the sole began in February

The picture in March shows how the sole was a hard crust and the hoof pick was scraping only a small area of what was showing some sole.

The top two rolls are showing bar patches on sole outlined by the scraping of the hoof pick.  The bar will not scrape off and the sole tubules that are crumbling if the pick was pushed hard could scrape through the entire sole depth.