ABC HoofPrint Trim

The easiest and most proficient trimming method available.
Presented by Cheryl Henderson






Jubilee is a four year old warmblood started having laminitis in May and some in June until she fully foundered the beginning of July.

She did not have grossly overgrown or neglected hooves.

She is suspected to have hormonal problems as her mother did. It is thought when she began to cycle this triggered the laminitis.







As foundering began both front hooves looked like this within days. As she tried to walk, the detached capsule in the front lifted upward. This began to tear the sole away from the surrounding front half of the hoof capsule.








The coronary band on both front feet tore open as the capsules finally separation from the lateral cartilage and the coffin bone.

The capsule coronary tore loose from all but 1 inch at the back of the heel quaters.




 July 20th 

Look under the detached sole and you can see a yellow skin.

This skin is very thin with a leather like texture.

This yellow skin tears loose and moved towards the toe of founders and will create a glob of yellow material that prevents sole from developing through it. Check out founder strap (soon to come)






With the detached sole removed you can see the yellow skin that is loose from the corium beneath it.

The red area you see is the coffin bones surrounding laminae swollen from inflammation.

The ring is positioned to help assess where the toe will be backed up to.

I removed the capsule walls rim edge off the ground and shortened the dorsal (front) wall about 1 1/2 inches off the ground. This is to help lesson the pain and damage of the detached capsule at breakover.

Within one week this mare was able to fully load her left fore.



Extreme infection entered the right hoof within two weeks affecting the entire leg.

She began large doses of anitbiotics for weeks without much change.  During this time the capsule was being forced lower from the enlarging tissues at the coronary area.  The capsule top as it was pushed downward began girdling the sensitive and swollen tissues.







Staying specific to the hard keratin of the capsule wall as it cut into the growing proudflesh-like tissue I could see it cutting against the swelling like an ingrown toenail.

This is the 4th week.






You can see how the swollen tissue that developed out of the coronary band overshadows the size the the capsule once was.


When I got to the bottom of the coffin bone area the swelling was responding to the antibiotics and the tissues were drying out.

This stage is about seven weeks into the founder.







The trimming on the left fore was not good.  I had a difficult time to ask for weightbearing on the right fore and she would not lay much after the first two weeks.








The only clue I had for trimming was the very back hairline and would use the baseline gauge and 30 degree angle gauge to help me remove the growth even in this terrible shape.

I was trying to make sure the pastern and coffin joint bones were as normal in their position as possible.

I sent this picture to farrier organizations, medical hoof experts and none were able to help me on this foot.

What happened in those weeks of gross infection and swelling ring bone had developed.  Once the coffin joint was fused the horse was completely comfortable on this hoof.

This took about 7 weeks.

nearing the final stage of hoof development

The hoof front has a longer toe than the normal horse for this height.  The wall replaced itself with a sort of mixture of tubules and an almost resin like material that eventually began to grow. 

I did know if it would as the hairline is there but you don't see the common coronary band.

The angle of the hairline is not 30 degrees but much steeper because of the ring bone underneath.



radiograph of ring bone





Once her coffin joint fused she was completely sound running and bucking.  She could pull with her front hooves and move better than many horses who had never had lameness issues.

 Youtube to see action videos of Jubilee at 7 months from July foundering.